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  All metallic parts are in galvanized iron

  Blades are made of ALUMINIUN

The proper construction of the UPWARD BLADE TILT creates a conical air flow that lifts air off the ground, creating a more comfortable environment.

Rated for operating automatically when equipped with due accessories available on request. (see accessories)


The High-Volume Low-Speed maxi-fan allows a much better air movement in comparison with  conventional high-speed ceiling or industrial floor fans which are often  unpleasant and disruptive.

Conventional High-speed fans are expensive to operate but they can’t distribute air to keep  the right  temperatures  from floor to ceiling.

Large high volume and low speed fans offer big benefits letting air circulate and disperse more efficiently and effectively.

In summer, air from an COMFORT-KLIMA fan gently passes over to keep a cooler more  comfortable and productive environment,.

In winter, the same fan pushes air from the ceiling down to the floor to keep a  warmer environment .The uniform air flow eliminates dead air room under the centre of the fan.


Vertical Easy-Klima fan direct flow of air, especially studied to let air come inside or go outside in big covered areas. Can be used in agriculture or industrial sheds, properly suitable in areas with high humidity.