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Scrapers Unit


The AGRICOW scraper with Nylon rope or steel wire rope is the most practical and effective hygiene and cleaning for stables. It is made entirely of galvanized metal in our factories with high quality control.

ADVANTAGES  of  the AGRICOWS’ scrapers:

–  Is it safe for animals and for those working in the stable: in fact the software installed in the electronic board, if in its race the scraper find an obstacle, preventing the progress in putting lock with alarm
–  It is easy to install
–  It is easy to use thanks to a clear readable display
–  Very low energy consumption and low cost of usage: 0.76 kW
–  Has a computer control for maximum safety
–  It has a timer for programming up to 24 departures daily
–  Requires low maintenance

ADVANTAGES OVER conventional scraper

–  The frequent passages of scraper, up to once an hour, give a fast dry clean alley;
–  The hooves of animals are cleaner and so the cubicles will be less dirty and drier      while reducing maintenance costs;
–  Presence in the lane less liquid, especially urine, reduces the concentration of ammonia in the barn with obvious benefits for animals and workers.

The scrapers Agricow are manufactured in two versions:

for plane aisle surface without channel guide
for aisle with channel guide (cm 4 x 4)
The Agricow scraper can be installed for both single-lane or dual lanes.

The motor unit, built to operate 380 V / 50 Hz, through a simple modification is able to operate at 220 V (three phase).

For the traction may be used a special Nylon braided rope high tenacity Ø 18 mm, or a galvanized steel wire rope Ø 10 mm.