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Claw Treatment Motorized Crush



The most recent result of constant research and development is the Agricow advanced motorized claw treatment crush with 4 motors for all the legs of the cow, to ensure greater comfort and safety both the animal and the operator.

The size of the machine, the ground cover with a rubber mat specifically designed, have been amended to provide greater comfort and tranquility in the animal operations.

It is manufacture internally in our factory in galvanized steel.

With the AGRICOWS’ motorized Crush you can complete a treatment every 5 minutes. The cows do not have time to move, shake and kicking.

Bulky parts have been moved for greater ease of movement of the animal. Front bumper has been made on the opening for operator safety and a new system of opening and closing very fast and easy.

Very easy then, management ok the knees, whose angles were studied for natural movement, especially in order to avoid injuries to hocks, tendons and ligaments.

The ergonomics of the machine has been optimized, then, to offer the best performance for different sizes of animals, from bigger to smaller, like the possibility to adjust the rear roller.

For this reason, the lifting of the struts is crucial to managing the operations on the limb without effort and suffering.

The animal is placed on the front and does not in any way the power situation of the hind legs.

The development of the crush was made possible thanks the collaboration of a group of farriers operating in Lombardy: Mauro Castagnola, Angelo Rossetti and Ivano Chiti.

For this, we thank finally the company of brothers Chiappini Farm Bonny in Ghedi (Brescia), for the active cooperation especially with the availability of their best cows.

hoof trimming motorized

4 Motors- 220V

lenght: 2,05 mt.

width: 1,20 mt.

height: 1,90 mt.

weight: 450 kg.






The AGRICOW’S Crush is composed by:

  • Containment cage door lock with anti-suffocation
  • Rack for locking the front of the animal
  • Attacks on three points
  • Accessories containment:
  •  Winch for lifting of the hind limb 
  •  Winch for lifting of the animal
  • Support for forelimbs
  • The entire surface is covered with rubber mat
  • Equipped with anti-tilt system


ARLA 010

manual crush


lenght: 2,05 mt.
width: 1,20 mt.
height: 1,90 mt.
weight: 180 kg.